Get to know us

Welcome to Goli Soda, a recently established distributor of carbonated beverages operating within the United States. We are dedicated to providing the delightful and nostalgic taste of Goli Soda at prices that are both accessible and affordable. Our journey commenced with a fervent aspiration to resurrect the distinctive flavor and essence of Goli Soda.

In the days of yore, Goli Soda, encased in codd-neck glass bottles, reigned as the quintessential summer refreshment, captivating both young and old with the enchanting spectacle of a marble seal being popped. This effervescent delight was readily available at pushcarts and roadside stalls in urban centers, towns, and rural villages alike. Today, our primary objective is to rekindle this cherished soda tradition and make it accessible to a wide audience once more.

Our Goli Soda products are meticulously crafted in Melbourne, Australia, ensuring an authentic and delightful taste that harks back to the classic Goli Soda experience. Despite the presence of alternative soft drink options in the market, an increasing number of consumers yearn for the pure joy of sipping from a sturdy, smooth-mouthed glass bottle. These distinctive vessels, with their unique design and iconic marble pop, never fail to captivate attention. Thus, we have chosen to embark on a journey of nostalgia, reverting to the cherished memories of our childhood days.

Since then, we have committed ourselves to propagating the "Flavours of Nature" through the medium of Goli Soda. With our steady ascent in the industry, we are presently exploring opportunities to diversify our business operations, driven by a vision to offer even more to our discerning clientele.